Do Rhode Island Skunks Come Out During The Day?

Rhode Island skunks are nocturnal animals; they prefer to come out at night hours and prefer to stay at hidden locations when it is dark outside. However, there are chances to see a healthy skunk roaming around in the daytime as well; it happens only when the female raccoon is carrying babies. Skunks give birth to babies in the summer season, and the mothers often move out in day hours to search some food for their babies. The female skunks need to have more food after giving birth to babies because it has to feed the babies ahead with milder.

The main reason behind why mother raccoon moves out in day hours is because this time is much safer for her to get enough food. In the night hours, other nocturnal animals also become active to search food so that time is not good for them. When someone sees skunks for the very first time, it generally appears an innocent and docile animal. Many people misunderstood this creature with its first appearance. But in actual, there is terrible and wild creature hidden behind their innocent faces. The most critical thing known about skunk behavior is that these creatures can spray an odorous liquid when threatened. However, there are rare chances when they will spray, but you can't tolerate that terrible smell if you are a victim of that spray.

In general, Rhode Island skunks are a great addition to the ecosystem as they feed on grubs, insects, mice, and rats. Presence of skunks will also keep your premises safe from road kill, gophers, moles, and cockroaches. It is observed that snakes can also protect you from some dangerous animals such as rattlesnakes as well as black widow spiders. In case if you are in trouble due to rodent infestation, skunks can be the ultimate solution, but it clearly doesn't mean that you should consider them pet at your home.

In case if you find Rhode Island skunks visiting your premises again and again; there are chances that they have created a den in your basement or attic. It is possible during their mating season as mother raccoons often try to search for a safe and silent space to grow babies. If you observe too much odor on your premises and there are few skunk holes in the lawn and garden area, it is time to take quick action against skunks.

Experts say that Rhode Island skunks will rarely spray their odorous liquid on cats because cats have slow movements and they cannot be considered bold creatures for raccoons. In case if you have a big dog at home, skunks will never visit your premises. If they visit, there are chances that dogs will attack them from behind. However, if you have a skunk problem, it is better to call professional skunk exterminators to get rid of these creatures. Professionals know right techniques and tools to scare them away from premises, and they can also prevent your house from future attacks by installing a strong fence.

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